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You’re here because you are looking for something and it is my heart’s desire and belief that you will find it on Journey2Health.

In 2011 I went for a skin analysis with an Annique consultant – not knowing how that would change and shape my life. I loved the Annique products I purchased and in 2012 I was approached about joining the family as a business consultant. Upon meeting the team I knew that this was a family I wanted to be a part of and I officially joined the group in February 2013 after quitting my full-time corporate job. Since then I’ve learnt more than I could have prepared for, and I’ve grown to be financially successful and independent.

Journey2Health is the culmination of a life long dream for me. I’ve always wanted to raise my children myself and be able to experience the little things in life with them. Before, in the corporate world, I knew it wouldn’t be an option. Now I get to help people achieve their goals while achieving my own at the same time. Whether this is the beginning of your journey or somewhere in the middle, I’d love to accompany you and help you achieve that ultimate personal goal, whether related to health, fitness or your finances!

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