Essense Firming Neck & Bust Cream 75ml 2019

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Aids in firming neck and bust area

Lifting Essence was developed to help lift and firm bust, neck and upper arms. Also ideal for the removal of stretch marks and sagging skin around stomach and knees. It contains active plant ingredients, which bring about a firming and rejuvenating action in the upper layers of the skin and surrounding tissue.

Aids in lifting and firming neck and bust area.

Lifting Essense contains the following:

* fenugreek seeds to improve appearance and rejuvenate skin;
* humulus lupulus, known as an effective revitalising ingredient;
* horsetail, used in skin care products to prevent dehydration and wrinkles; and
* boswelia corterii birdus, added for the stimulating and antiseptic action distinctive of this serum. The effectiveness of this incredible cream is further enhanced by the addition of the patented Annique extract of Rooibos for its antioxidant action, which counteracts ageing.

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