Anri Mouton


By just following the basic principles of this programme, I feel amazing and I'm losing weight in a healthy way ~ Anri Mouton

Martholi Thatho


In February 2012, my elder sister who had suffered from bladder infection for several years, decided to try Bladder & Kidney Tea to see if it would help with her infection. When winter arrived, she expected to experience her usual symptoms of sinusitis, but nothing happened. Thanks to this product she is now not only free from the chronic bladder infection, but also from sinusitis!



I used Resque ZeroAche+ and it is excellent! I have a bulging disk – S1, L5 and with that injury the surrounding muscles go into a spasm and pinch the nerves. Over and above the medication that I have been using, I use this product on the affected area and I can honestly tell you it is fantastic! Actually I need to order more as I have run out – I recommend ZeroAche+ highly!

Hester Alberts


I am an Annique consultant and I read the article on skin cancer in one of the latest newsletters. I am convinced that Annique products can prevent skin cancer. Three weeks ago a doctor removed 10 skin cancer spots on my arms, legs and chest. He expressed his surprise, remarking that in actual fact this kind of skin cancer usually appears on facial skin, and there was no sign of it on my face. Perhaps this is because I have been using Annique on my face and neck area for 30 years.

Mimi Matlali


I had a very dry skin and used Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin, Crème de Nuit and the Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil. I also had low blood pressure and after using the Lifestyle Shake, Green Rooibos Tea and OptiToniQ+ my health is now good!

Dorette Pienaar


My five year old daughter struggled terribly with an itchy dry, irritated scalp after a lice crisis at school in January 2012 and especially during season changes. I began to realize that using the ordinary chemical shampoos just irritated and damaged her scalp further. I decided to try Annique Baby Shampoo on her hair because I had used it on her hair when she was a baby. After the third wash all itching and scratching stopped, the scalp was not irritated anymore and she was a carefree child once again!

Petro Morkel


I suffered with eczema until the age of 36. I used to dread summertime – sun and sweat. After testing everything on the market, I discovered an instant relief for this condition – Annique Skin Detox. Out of desperation one day I grabbed Skin Detox from the cupboard at home (one I saved as a bonus for one of my consultants – thanks Georgina, I owe you!). After applying it for three days, I was stunned as the itchiness and redness was instantly gone. I am convinced of the healing properties of Annique!

Noelien Kock


I began following the Annique Lifestyle Slimming Programme to lose weight in June 2012 and lost 16.6 kgs after just five months. I used to weigh 96.6 kg and went down to 80.5 kgs (and lost 127cm) between June and November 2012. I went from a size 40 pants to a size 36. I tried thousands of rands of competitor products including pills, diets, shakes and nothing worked. I cannot believe the centimetres I lost around my waist, upper arms and other areas of my body. If it wasn’t for Annique, I would not have been able to achieve this. I love the new me and I am planning to lose another 10kgs!